Southern Ecuador, my last trip in 2021.

I wish I was more active here but it´s been a hectic year and my time has been limited but I will try to improve my time at this blog this year!

I wanted to visit southern Ecuador for a long time but I simply never had the time, last year finally, I went with a local guide to visit some of the most beautiful and bird-rich lodges in southern Ecuador where I shot several new species for me and improved some other one I previously photographed. 

The southernmost point we went to was Macará, a bordering town with Peru and we stayed there three nights and explored the surrounding spots. There, we found some key species that I will be sharing here in the following days. 

We also visited Utuana, for some cool hummingbirds such as the Rainbow Starfronlet which although very active and numerous the light was quite harsh and did not allow to make a good shot 🙁

One of the highlights of my trip was when we visited a town named Yantzaza as it was there, where I had my first chance with the gorgeous Spangled Coquette, a hummingbird that has an orange crown/crest with some dark green dots hence the name.

It was at Cerro de Arcos where I had my first looks at the amazingly special Blue-throated Hillstar, a hummingbird that has a super limited range and that was first described as recently as 2017! The habitat where such hummingbird can be found is paramo with very short vegetation and it is also very cold as this takes place at high elevations where this hummingbird as well as several others, share the nectaring flowers of chuquiragua. 

It was a great trip and I am happy I will be going back this year!

Below you will find some of my favorite species from the trip.


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I will try to post content here as often as I can! 

Let me share with you a short video about the Brazilian Pantanal, don’t forget to watch in 4K!

July 24th. 2019

I am very happy to share with you that two of my images had been chosen to be displayed at the Rafael Calderón Guardia museum in San José, Costa Rica, as part of the Expo Foto 2019 exhibit.

These are the two images that will be displayed. Come and enjoy the work of many talented photographers, the inaugural ceremony will take place on August 13th.