Tour Dates: MAY 1st.  – MAY 13th. 2023
13 Days & 12 Nights
Max Group Size: 6

*Max number of tour participants is 6, which clearly distinguishes our tour from other providers!


Travel to Costa Rica with a Costa Rican!

With over 900 species of birds, including the elusive resplendent quetzal, and the colorful keel-billed toucan, Costa Rica has so much to offer in a tiny portion of land that barely reaches the 21.000 square miles. Allow a local expert with over 20 years of experience to take you under his wing and show you the amazing fauna and culture of Costa Rica.

On this tour, we will be visiting the northern plains in Costa Rica, rich in wildlife as they are part of several natural corridors and it´s close to a protected area where our first lodge is located. It´s no secret that Costa Rica has been a leader in conservation in recent years and the number of protected areas encompass 25% of its total landmass making this Central American country one of the richest in terms of biodiversity. A country with no standing army since 1948 and 5% of the world´s diversity is a perfect place to help you bring variety and color to your portfolio.

If you arrive early then no problem as the hotel´s garden is the right place to practice with your macro lens as the number of native and exotic flowers will keep you busy! At night, we will meet in a conference room to get to know each other and then will eat dinner together!

We will begin this photo tour by heading towards the northern plains where will spend the next three nights, then will move to a cooler area surrounded by lush rainforest where many birds and mammals can be photographed. We then will travel to Costa Rica´s highlands where the beautiful resplendent quetzal can be found. The number of species is too large to count but we will end up with a great number of keepers that will enhance your portfolio. We will be traveling in an altitudinal gradient that goes from 30mts above sea level up to 3000mts. in elevation.

Allow me to show you, Costa Rica, from my perspective!

(*All meals are included)

Photo Tour Description


Day 1/ (May 1) Juan Santa María International Airport/San Jose

Arrive in Costa Rica where one of our partners will be waiting outside the terminal to take you to the hotel.

Day 2/ (May 2) Caribbean Lowlands:

We will visit a local artist and nature interpreter who will show us some amazing species in the area such as white bats and owls. We will also plan on doing a short macro session in his place. Overnight in the Sarapiquí area. Our hotel is located next to the beautiful Sarapiquí River and has a lovely pool where the guests can enjoy a beer or glass of wine before dinner. 

Day 3/ (May 3) Caribbean Lowlands:

Visit the wild macaw sanctuary for some unique and easy macaw photography. Afterward, return to the lodge to search for local birds and monkey species. Also, we could do a pineapple tour at one of the most awarded organic plantations in the area! 

Day 4/ (May 4) Northern Plains:

Travel to the northern plains of Costa Rica where the wildlife abounds, and the birds come to us every morning with the best light. 

Day 5/ (May 5) Northern Plains:

Early morning photography session by the deck. Explore around the garden to find other species of birds that don´t come to the feeders.

Visit a private garden in the afternoon for a macro photography session.

Bat photography session tonight.  

 Day 6/ (May 6) Northern Plains:

Early morning photography session by the deck. Later, after breakfast get ready for a visit to the King Vulture hide to take breathtaking images of this sacred bird.

Bat photography session tonight

Day 7/ (May 7) Caño Negro:

Departure after breakfast to travel to Los Chiles area in the north-western part of Costa Rica. We will make a stop on the way to visit a local restaurant where many iguanas can be photographed. Then in the afternoon, we will arrive at our next lodge. Guests can hike on their own around the lodge grounds or jump in the pool to freshen up!

Day 8/ (May 8) Caño Negro:

Explore the beautiful area of this Ramsar site in the company of a local guide with years of experience. Let’s find some of the most beautiful and unique species of this paradise such as the Agami Heron!

Day 9/ (May 9) Fortuna:

Let´s explore the many birds found at the Fortuna area. Take time to search for sloths and other mammals. Return to the lodge in the afternoon to enjoy the pool or watch the sunset from the deck. 

Day 10/ (May 10) Cartago area: 

Early morning visit to quetzal land! then explore the lodge grounds for totally new species! 

Day 11/ (May 11) Cartago area:

Get up early to explore the lodge grounds. Later, we will travel a short distance to visit a local guide who knows a few good spots for special birds in the area.

We will return to the lodge for a rest and freshen up. Later that night, after dinner, those who wish to join us to search for owls are welcome. 

Day 12/ (May 12) Cartago area:

We travel from the Pacific coast to the highlands of Costa Rica in search of the most beautiful bird in the western hemisphere, the Resplendent Quetzal. We plan on arriving at our lodge in the late afternoon. 

Day 13/ (May 13) Return to San José to fly back home!

Today we need to return to San José to get ready to leave the country. 



End of photo tour