Tour Dates: Nov.7th  – Nov 18th 2021
12 Days & 11 Nights
Max Group Size: 6
Fill your portfolio with color!

With over 900 species of birds, including the elusive resplendent quetzal, and the colorful keel-billed toucan, Costa Rica has so much to offer in a tiny portion of land that barely reach the 21.000 square miles. Allow that a local expert with over 20 years of experience take you under his wing and show you the amazing fauna and culture of Costa Rica.

On this tour, we will be visiting the northern plains in Costa Rica, rich in wildlife as they are part of several natural corridors and it´s close to a protected area where our first lodge is located. It´s no secret that Costa Rica has been a leader in conservation in recent years and the number of protected areas encompass 25% of its total landmass making this Central American country one of the richest in terms of biodiversity. A country with no standing army since 1948 and the 5% of the world´s diversity is a perfect place to help you bring variety and color to your portfolio.

If you arrive early then no problem as the hotel´s garden is the right place to practice with your macro lens as the number of native and exotic flowers will keep you busy! At night, we will meet at a conference room to get to know each other and then will eat dinner (dinner for first night not included in the price)

We will begin this photo tour by heading towards the northern plains where will will spend the next three nights, then will move to a cooler area surrounded by lush rain forest where many birds and mammals can be photographed. We then will travel to Costa Rica´s highlands where the beautiful resplendent quetzal can be found. The number of species is too large to count but we will end up with a great number of keepers that will enhance your portfolio. We will be traveling in an altitudinal gradient that goes from 30mts above the sea level up to 3000mts. in elevation.

Allow me to show you Costa Rica from my perspective!

(*Meals included where BLD indicated)

Photo tour Description:

Day 1/Nov. 7th Airport/Arrival in San José Juan Santa María Airport: Let’s travel to the Caribbean lowlands.

Day 2/Nov. 8th Sarapiquí area:

Bird photography morning session at a private garden and with a local guide who knows a few good spots for some bird species. We spend most of the day with him in his place. BLD

 Day 3/Nov. 9th Sarapiquí area: Today we will visit a secret jewel in the Sarapiquí area. We will look for some cool birds from a boat. The target today is the Boat-billed heron. Later in the afternoon, we will be visiting another private garden for some new tanagers. BLD

 Day 4/Nov. 10th Pital area:

We will be staying at a beautiful lodge surrounded with lots of subjects to photograph. Then in the afternoon will visit another lodge to take pictures of toucans and tanagers. BLD

 Day 5/Nov. 11th Pital area: Today we will visit a hide from where you will have a chance to photograph the most handsome of the vultures in the American Continent, the King Vulture! We will try for the best light and since you will be shooting at eye level with this amazing bird, I am sure you will get stellar images! We will spend the rest of the day at the lodge grounds looking for more species. BLD

 Day 6/Nov. 12th Pital area: Today we spend some more time looking for the local birds and hummingbirds found in this area. We will be visiting another private garden where I will help you get some killer images of hummingbirds visiting local flowers, we can play with ambient light and flash. We will return to the lodge before sunset to enjoy a drink and relax. BLD

 Day 7/Nov. 13th Caño Negro:

We will leave our lodge and will drive towards the Caño Negro area. We plan to arrive at our new lodge for lunch. I have made arrangements with a local guide and friend, to take us on his boat to explore the canals. We will focus on some of the local birds and with a bit of luck we could spot some spider monkeys. BLD

Day 8/Nov. 14th Caño Negro: We will be doing one more tour in the morning to explore different canals of this wildlife refuge. Tonight, after dinner, we could go out to search for some of the local owls nearby the village. BLD

 Day 9/Nov. 15th Upala: Let me take you to one of my favorite locations in Costa Rica!

The plan is to arrive to our new lodge before it gets dark so that we can get acquainted with this beautiful place. We will take it easy and will enjoy the local birds around this area. BLD

Day 10/Nov. 16th Upala: Today we will visit a private garden looking for some hummingbirds and other birds. Then in the afternoon, we will visit a small restaurant along the road where many birds can be seen and photographed. We will return to the lodge to have a drink or coffee and relax. BLD

 Day 11/Nov. 17 Return to San José. Time to return to San José for the night. BL

Day 12/Nov. 18th. Time to travel back home! B

Because of the varied micro-climates in Costa Rica and the diversity of places we will visit, we advise you to bring light clothing for the humid-low lands and a jacket/shell for the low-temperatures of cloud and oak forest where our lodges are located. It is also advisable to bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen and please let us know if you have a special diet that we should know.

This photo tour includes all lodging, all transportation within Costa Rica, and meals where indicated.  Meals at the chosen lodging include a local beverage, example water or fresh fruit juice.  Any additional items, such as beer, wine, soft drinks, bottled water, and laundry will be charged to your room, and you will be responsible for paying the lodge directly.

A $1500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your seat on this photo tour.  The balance of the payment is due on or before September 7th, 2021.

Pricing includes accommodations of two persons per room. Private rooms may be available, space permitting, for an additional charge of $500.

The above-stated cost does not include airfare.

After a deposit is received we will email a suggested equipment/gear list as well as the itinerary with names of lodges as well as their websites.