Jewels of Southern Ecuador

Totally new photography tour!

Tour dates: October 25th. / November 9th.
15 Nights & 16 Days
Group Size: 6


*Max number of tour participants is 6, this clearly distinguishes the tour from other providers!

Fill your portfolio with color!

Please get in touch if you would like to join me in southern Ecuador!

Southern Ecuador is a special and diverse region with amazing variety in habitat, scenery, and birds. We will travel from Guayaquil, near the coastal region to rainforests, montane cloudforests.

This photo tour will give you the chance to see and photograph some of the most beautiful endemic birds and hummingbirds found in western Ecuador and northwestern Peru, as well as some  of high Andean species shared only with remote parts of northern Peru, including the recently discovered Jocotoco Antpitta.

Let me show you Ecuador from my perspective!

Photo Tour in a nutshell:

Day 1/Arrival in Guayaquil

Day 2-5/Buenaventura

Day 5-8/Jorupe

Day 8-10/Tapichalaca

Day 10-12 Copalinga

Day 13/Fly home!