Depending on the tour and region, you are very likely to see a plethora of species. Latin America is known for its vivid birds! Of course we cannot guarantee which species you’ll see, as wildlife behavior and migrations are beyond our control. It is not unusual to view more than 100 bird species during a tour, possibly including tanagers, keel-billed toucans, yellow-throated toucans, brown-hooded parrots, orange-chinned parakeets, collared aracaris, oropendolas, woodpeckers, several hummingbird species, boat-billed herons, white-collared manakins, and the jewel of the crown, the resplendent quetzal!. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph birds in the wild, in private gardens, and from viewing areas at the lodges where the birds come close to take advantage of feeders with fruit. But our tours are not jsut about birds, you may also see reptiles such as iguanas and snakes, and mammals such as sloths, monkeys, and if you are very lucky a margay!.